Lily Ulas is a 33-year-old weaver from Paama Island. She learned the art of weaving from her mother-in-law, who is from Fatuna Island. Lily specializes in weaving baskets, making jewelry, and creating postcards.

Lily is a skilled weaver and produces a wide range of items using traditional techniques passed down from her mother-in-law. Her baskets are made using Pandanas Leaf and Burao, which are locally sourced and sustainable materials. She takes great pride in her work and is dedicated to preserving the traditional weaving methods of her ancestors.

In addition to being a producer, Lily is also a buyer. She buys materials and supplies from other local artisans and vendors to create her products. She is committed to supporting her community by purchasing materials from other small businesses on the island.

Lily’s work is highly sought after by both locals and tourists. Her baskets and jewelry make unique and meaningful gifts and her postcards are a popular way for visitors to take a piece of Paama Island home with them.

Lily’s passion for weaving is evident in her work. She takes great care in every step of the process, from selecting the materials to the final product. She is dedicated to preserving the traditional weaving techniques of her ancestors and promoting the rich culture of Paama Island through her work.