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The premier provider of Tour Activities in Port Vila, Vanuatu. We are a rebranded and expanded version of Tropic Thunder Jet, which has been operating successfully in the country since 2009. After the borders reopened following the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw an opportunity to rebuild, and thus WPV was born.

Watersports Port Vila offers a wide range of aquatic Tour Activity for all ages and skill levels. Expanding our fleet to include a Semi-Submarine called Reef Explorer, A fast boat to get you out of the harbour called Coral Explorer, and a party barge the Haabar Cruise registered as Harbour Explorer. Plus we still own the two jet boats, Thor and Storm

Additionally the team is led by owner and operator, Andy. As a result Andy has an extensive background in the adventure industry, Andy has worked as a professional guide in various parts of the world, including Alaska, Japan, Canada, and his home country of New Zealand. Meanwhile calling Vanuatu home he is passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience to local Ni-Vanuatu guides. Andy is hands-on with all aspects of the business, from marketing to web design to guiding and teaching. Lastly he even pilots the jet boats and flies a helicopter, having managed Vanuatu Helicopters for 10 years.

So come join us for some on-water fun in Vanuatu’s beautiful harbor. Whether you’re a seasoned water sports enthusiast or a first-time participant, we have something for everyone. Thus it’s time you Book your adventure with Watersports Port Vila today!

Watersports Port Vila Memberships

Tour Activities Port Vila

We are Members of the Vanuatu Tour Operators Association

The Vanuatu Tour Operators Association. The VTOA the organization operates out of Port Vila, Vanuatu and has on average 50 members. When booking tours make sure you have a fun and a safe Vanuatu holiday by booking with a VTOA member. All VTOA members contribute to the Tourism Marketing Development Fund (TMDF). A portion of your sales goes in to the development of Vanuatu as a destination.

All members sign a code of conduct and carry insurance for your protection. To ensure visitors have the safest and best experiences whilst visiting Vanuatu.

Tour Activities in Port Vila

The Nabanga Pledge is an initiative to build, educate and reconnect our tourism industry to keep everyone Covid-safe. Therefore it’s an informal promise between international travellers, the Vanuatu tourism industry and the communities to keep everyone Covid-safe. This concept is designed to inspire responsibility from every resident, citizen, and visitors to do everything we can to protect one another.

We are the first members in Vanuatu.

Green Fins is a proven conservation management approach. As a result it is implemented internationally by The Reef-World Foundation and the UN Environment Programme. Which leads to a measurable reduction in the negative environmental impacts associated with marine tourism. Therefore it aims to protect coral reefs through environmentally friendly guidelines promoting sustainable diving and snorkeling. Furthermore it provides the only internationally recognized environmental standards for marine tourism and its robust assessment system measures compliance.